Make Friends Backpacking

Most of us at Backpackers Guide travelled together when we set off on our travels, this to an extent is an advantage as you're never short of conversation which can make long train and bus journeys fly by. If you do decide to travel solo then making friends is essential, not only can you save money but you can exchange tales and learn about great places to visit that are perhaps overlooked in guide books.

Benefits of making friends whilst backpacking:

  • Share room costs - You will learn very quickly that securing a private room in a hostel of camping lodge is almost impossible and when such a luxury does become available it will cost you a lot of money. Hostels offer anything up to 12 people per room, when sharing with strangers this can be quite daunting plus there's the added worry about security and theft (which does happen). Making friends allows you to hire smaller rooms at a cut cost which is essential when backpacking and gives you piece of mind.
  • Share secret locations - It may sound a bit suspicious and underground but you'd be surprised how many tourist hotspots remain hidden.
  • Find good restaurants - One common mistake made between backpackers and travellers is making do with the first half decent looking restaurant you come across. Finding out where you can eat good food for respectable prices is an absolute must. This could also save you from a nasty case of stomach upset or even worse (trust us on this one).
  • Safety in numbers - It may sound like something your mother may have said to you in the past but it really is true. Theft, robbery and violence is something to be aware of, it's not something that happens to everyone but members of Backpackers Guide have been in tricky situations 3 times in one trip. Every city has a rough borough and it's important to find out where these are from other travellers, this could save you from having your trip ruined.
  • Languages - Not everyone may be able to speak the native language of your visiting locations which can make communication difficult, especially when trying to arrange local transport. Backpackers come in all shapes and sizes from all around the world, making friends from other countries can be very beneficial, not to mention fun!
  • Just because - Friends you make on your backpacking adventures will become friends for life so don't hold back while you're away, enjoy yourself!

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