Backpackers Travel Budget

There are often many hidden costs that you would not normally associate with standard short trip "family" holidays. We asked 10 backpackers what they spent their money on the most on a day to day basis to give our readers an idea of how the money can leave your pocket so fast.

Backpackers Daily Budget

  • Accommodation - £10 per night on average
  • Food - £7
  • Drinks - £2
  • Public transport - £1
  • Washing - £0.50
  • Activities - £8
  • Other Essentials - £1.50

Accommodation - Hostels and camp sites are usually the most popular option as they happen to be the cheapest abroad plus you get to meet other backpackers.

Food - You may well start off like we did and are taken in by all the local foods on sale as they usually look amazing. You'll quickly realise that the cheapest food source, besides buying in bulk (which can be heavy to carry) is unfortunately fast food. McDonalds means are high in carbohydrates which mean they give you plenty of energy, they are located everywhere and you know what to expect.

Drinks - The budget of £2 is for drinks such as bottled water and soft drinks. Tap water is unsafe in our opinion and can lead to some nasty stomach bugs being contracted. This budget does not take into account beer and other alcoholic beverages, if your relatively young of age I guarantee you probably spend an extra £50 a week on this.

Public Transport - In an ideal world backpackers would be able to walk to each location from train stations, this is unfortunately not the case, if you have to walk over 3-4 miles like us then a short bus journey can save time and they are usually cheap - although communication can be difficult.

Washing - If you're walking a lot with heavy bags then you are ultimately going to sweat, in hotter countries this is unavoidable. Keeping your clothes clean is important as rashes and athlete's foot is common when travelling. You'll find most hostels and camp sites offer some kind of laundry service for a small price.

Activities - A lot of great scenery can be viewed whilst backpacking around different countries but usually there will be attractions and experiences you'll want to take part in.

Other essentials - Other items such as cleaning products, batteries, guide books and souvenirs roughly account to £1.50 per day.

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