Train and Rail Information For backpackers

Backpacking around the world can seem like a daunting yet exciting adventure. Thinking about transports is, unfortunately completely necessary and essential if you want to see all the best attractions and sites in each country. Using trains for backpacking is a common method, however the quality of service will range from country to country so it's important to know what's available, here are some of the options online:

EuRail previously known as Eurorail offers a selection of train travel options throughout Europe. Firstly they offer a "Global" pass which covers 25 different countries, however this only covers Europe, so don't expect to travel in the US or Asia with this. Other options include choosing a selection of 3, 4 or 5 countries in one pass which gives you a bit of freedom as you don't have to keep to such a strict schedule. Finally you can choose passes for specific countries, this is great if you intend a small backpacking experience but want to start further afield.

Prices as listed on their website:

  • Global Pass (25 countries) - From $449
  • Select Pass (Up to 5 countries) - From $285
  • Regional Pass (Choose up to 25 regions) - From $159
  • One Country Pass - From $45

InterRail provides a similar service offering a selection of different passes available to backpackers but with a slightly different tariff structure. Again there is a global pass available which lets you travel to 30 different countries. There are no passes which group territories together but you can buy separate country passes which are extremely cheap (but vary from country to country).

Prices listed on their website:

  • Global Pass (30 countries) - From £429
  • Single Country Pass - From £29 to £115

Whichever you choose be sure you read the small print, some companies do accept refunds if you don't think your able to keep to a schedule - this can be a real life saver when money is low.