Transport for Backpackers

Choosing the most appropriate method of transport is a must when planning out your backpacking route. There are many options to think about and the seasoned backpackers out there will know that there are plenty of options available all at variable costs.


For travellers that are starting their backpacking experience in Europe from the UK the train is the most obvious solution. It's relatively cheap to move from country to country within Europe, especially as you can start in Calais France. Find out more on train transport for backpackers.


Those of you who are planning to start further afield should consider long distance flights to places like Australia, Canada and Thailand, all popular backpacker locations. Of course this method of transport is expensive but there are benefits which can be expected.


A more unusual method of getting to your location but necessary none the less if you're starting in Europe. A short 90 minute ferry ride to France is the first port of call with plenty of beautiful sites to see along the way.


Coach travel is ultimately one of the cheapest methods of transport when backpacking around the world, however it may not meet everyone's expectations as usually it's a hot and confined experience.