Flight Information For Backpackers

A flight is usually the most preferred mode of travel, for both domestic as well as international travel, due to the convenience and time factor. As a backpacker, one of your main aims is to make the most of your backpacking trip and see and experience everything possible. A quick flight from location to location is the best way to cut down on travel time and get your backpacking trip started as soon as possible.

Unless you are heading off to a European destination on a backpacking trip, flights are usually the only reasonable option when setting out on your journey. There are a number of flights to popular backpacking destinations such as Australia, Canada, USA and India which operate to several major cities within the country of your choice. By opting for a flight when backpacking, you can carefully select your arrival destination in accordance with your backpacking route.

While flights are the best choice for travelling abroad, once you have reached your backpacking destination, you will want to trek through some spots and skip other places. Most countries have a very well connected network of domestic flights allowing you to pick and choose portions of your backpacking trip that you would want to experience on the ground. There are several local airlines that offer very cost effective flights and are well suited to any backpacker's budget.

Some websites that might help you book a flight for your backpacking trip are:

  • www.cheapflights.co.uk
  • www.expedia.co.uk
  • www.ebookers.com

These websites are useful for booking flights and provide a number of tips for air travel within the country of your choice. From budget deals to seasonal specials, these websites will keep you updated on relevant air travel information if you opt for a flight when backpacking.

The cost of a flight will vary, depending on your destination, your airline of choice and the seasonal pricing. For example, December to February is peak season for visiting Australia as this southern hemisphere country enjoys summer during this time. Tickets for the peak season will therefore be more expensive than tickets for June to August winter travel.

On average, return flights to Australia can cost anything between £450 and £600. Prices for a flight to the USA start at around £200 and can go up to £350 while flights to Canada are usually priced between £300 and £450. For an Indian backpacking trip, you might need to pay £250 to £350 for a ticket while travel to European countries is usually cheaper with some airlines charging as little as £50 for a flight.

An airplane flight is a convenient and safe mode of travel and with airlines offering a number of great deals, it is ideally suited to a budget conscious backpacker.