Coach Information For Backpackers

While flights and ferries are faster or more comfortable travel options for most travellers, many backpackers opt for a coach or a bus as their mode of travelling. A coach may have longer travelling times than other modes of transport but the advantage of enjoying the sights and sounds of a country as you move from city to city often makes it a popular choice for backpackers.

There are a number of coaches that operate to various international destinations in Europe such as France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the Baltic States. For a backpacker, these countries are usually on the "must see" list of their European backpacking trip and a coach or bus is a more affordable and flexible transport option.

Prices for a coach ticket will vary, depending on where you are headed but an average return ticket for international bus travel could cost anything between £80 and £200. Passengers are allowed to carry a fair amount of luggage, usually two suitcases not weighing more than about 20 kg each and one piece of hand luggage.

Coach or bus transport is also a good option for domestic travel while backpacking abroad. For example, the Greyhound bus service has a very good coach service that operates interstate in the USA, Canada as well as Australia. Backpacking through India, a coach or bus option may give a more rich but rustic dimension to your backpacking trip. A coach might be a more affordable transport option for domestic travel with some transfers costing less than £20.

Some websites that provide more information on travelling by coach and making bookings are:

  • is a good service for travelling from the UK to other European countries.
  • is a useful coach service for travelling through various countries within Europe such as Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
  • is a good website to book a coach for a large travel group.

For domestic travelling, within other countries, you can consider one of these websites.

  • USA:
  • Canada:
  • Australia:
  • India :

Coaches and buses when backpacking might require longer travelling times but they are more budget friendly option. Most coaches depart from and arrive to centrally located stations, where local public transport is easily available thereby eliminating further transfer expenses.