Sexual Behaviour For Backpackers

Most accidents and illnesses that occur as a result of sexual intercourse can be prevented with proper contraception and safe sex practices. Travelling abroad, one may be unaccustomed to local contraceptives which is essential in avoiding an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease (STD's). Carrying contraceptives that are familiar may be one option but at times, local contraceptive methods may be required by even the most conscientious traveller.

Condoms are the main form of contraception and preventative measure for sexually transmitted disease and while a traveller may not question the local product, quality is not always guaranteed. Familiarise yourself with local condom brands and ensure that it is manufactured by reputable companies and approved by local health authorities. Opting for condoms from state health facilities can also be a risky undertaking as there have been incidents where condom supplies were of an inferior quality. Purchase your condoms from a reputable pharmacy or chain store and even consider the condom dispensers at internationally recognised hotel franchises.

Female backpacker's using the contraceptive pill would be well advised to carry an extra supply of their regular contraception. Changing the type of oral contraceptive midway or even missing your contraceptive for a day or two can significantly hamper its ability to prevent pregnancy. Counterfeit drugs, particularly in developing countries, may appear to be the authentic product, from the appearance of the packaging to colour and size of the tablet but avoid purchasing local oral contraceptives. If necessary, use a reputable pharmacy as advised by the concierge at an internationally recognised hotel or your trusted guide.

If the 'morning after pill' is necessary after unsafe sexual practices, be cautious about purchasing the product without a prescription. While a prescription may not be necessary for the 'morning after pill', consult with a local doctor prior to using this form of after sex contraception. Proper storage of contraceptives, both the oral contraceptive pill and condoms, is essential in maintaining the integrity of these products. Read the information leaflets provided within the packaging of these products to understand the correct storage procedures.

Fun sex products, like glow in the dark condoms, arousal gels and liquids, may add a level of excitement in any escapade but are usually not guaranteed to perform the protective function expected from a contraceptive. Reserve these entertainment products for more familiar environments as they are also known to cause allergic reactions at times, which could mean an embarrassing trip to the local emergency room in a foreign country.