Medical Advice

It pays to be well informed when it comes to medical cover when travelling abroad on backpacker adventures. There are different aspects of your travels that you should consider before setting off as it could be life saving information to you or a friend.

Firstly all UK residents should own a European health insurance card which can be found at - there is no charge and is valid for up to 5 years; this entitles you to medical healthcare anywhere in the EU.

Aspects to consider may pop up and any day to day activity, especially when backpacking around the world:


Accidents unfortunately are something no one can plan for but it pays to be aware of the dangers of backpacking. There are some simple rules to use as a guide when on your travels to reduce the risk of accidents.

Food and Drink

Whilst abroad you may come across some less than savoury establishments. Trying local cuisine is all part of the fun and enjoyment of backpacking but there are some signs to see whether your food is cooked properly or not.

Sexual Behaviour

If you're young, free and single the opportunity to find love maybe in the air. Safety is a must, not just in the UK but abroad too, be aware that some foreign brands of contraceptive may not be as reliable as the products in the UK.


Don't be afraid of a visit to your local GP, getting the right vaccinations is sometimes required to enter a country. This is the part of planning that should not be avoided at all costs, it could cost you your life or at the very least ruin your experience.

Of course its vitally important you register for your Backpackers Travel Insurance, which will cover you for a range of activities not usually associated with a normal holiday.