Backpacking in Canada

Backpacking in Canada is quite a unique experience. You can travel through Canada on its own or as an extension of your backpacking trip through the United States. Canada is colder than most backpackers may expect but this country's spectacular sights like the world famous Niagara Falls and a sporty outdoors life makes it a backpacker's paradise. A mixture of British and French tradition flavoured by its close proximity to the United States of America is evident in the warm and friendly nature of the Canadian people.

Canada has similar services and facilities to the United States of America and the relaxed life and scenic wilderness makes for an ideal backpacking trip. If winter sports, water activities and wide open plains of untouched natural beauty excite you, then backpacking in Canada is a must for any avid backpacker.

  • Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, a range of terrains and large tracts of wilderness means that you will experience a wealth of natural beauty and biodiversity as you backpack in Canada.
  • Excellent facilities for a range of outdoor activities including skiing, kayaking/canoeing, hiking and camping.
  • First world infrastructure within the major cities mixed with an outdoors lifestyle makes for perfect urban escapes for the less adventurous backpacker.
  • Reasonable accommodation offering both affordability and adventure with backpacker's hostels, home and farm stays.
  • Budget tourist deals allow you to explore ocean towns along Nova Scotia or hike through the Rockies at rock bottom prices.
  • You can opt for a tourist visa or temporary work visa that will allow you to earn part time while you experience Canada.

Cities Worth Visiting

Backpacking in Canada, you will soon discover that there is an almost endless host of cities, towns and sanctuaries worth visiting. The town of Whistler located near the city of Vancouver is one such place. Famed for its snow capped mountain peaks, Whistler is a skiing paradise located near the coast. A small town feel with all the world class skiing and holiday facilities, Whistler gives you a taste of Canada's snowy side.

Niagara Falls renowned for being a natural phenomenon is more than just another landmark. Located in Ontario, on the Canada-USA border, Niagara Falls offers a range of accommodation, tours and hikes revolving around this natural marvel. Affordable and entertaining, Niagara Falls has something for every backpacker, from casinos to fishing trips and festivals.

Toronto in the province of Ontario is often hailed as the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of Canada. A multicultural, first world city, Toronto offers any backpacker the true urban escape with a mix of both city life and natural beauty.

Saftety and Medical Advice

Canada is known for being a fairly safe country with lower incidences of crime and terrorist threats than the United States. If backpacking through the wilderness, heed the advice of the local authorities with regards to dangerous wildlife. Backpacking in Canada does not require any special traveller's vaccinations but insect repellent and other measures to prevent mosquito bites are advisable given reports of the West Nile virus.

If you would rather give the sun and the sand a miss and head out to a place that offers something different, backpacking in Canada is an experience you do not want to miss.