Backpacking in America

Backpacking in America is an adventure that will last in your memory for a lifetime as you lap up the sights and sounds of this magnificent nation and its proudly patriotic people. "Bigger and better" epitomizes American culture from the local cuisine to cars, entertainment and architecture. As a backpacker, you can rest assured that you will definitely find something to suit your taste in the richest nation in the world, irrespective of your preferences.

Stretching over fifty states, with Canada separating the state of Alaska from mainland America, backpacking through America will take you from the tropical, beach crazy Florida across the Great American Desert to the snow capped mountain peaks of Alaska. Backpacking in America you will quickly find that each state has its own personality, culture and eccentricities that add to the multicultural flavour of America.

Here are some reasons why you should consider America on your next backpacking trip.

  • Unrivalled natural beauty, high tech big cities and a culture of fun and freedom makes backpacking in America a once in a lifetime experience.
  • The Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty and Disney Land are just a few tourist attractions that are known around the world.
  • First world infrastructure mixed with truly American small town life and rural scenery.
  • Accommodation to suit every budget from world class hotels to holiday apartments, motels, backpacker hostels and camping sites.
  • America has very strict visa requirements given the high level of terrorist threat recently so you should expect a lengthy process for your visa application although citizens from some countries are exempt from high level screening.
  • Entertainment, activities, sights, sounds and cuisine from across the world - you will never feel home sick when in America.

Cities Worth Visiting

The vastness of America cannot be fully captured in just visiting a few cities but if you are hard pressed for choice, here are a few cities that are a must see.

New York, located on the west coast of America, is the commercial and cultural centre of America. Big city and bright lights, New York is a melting pot of all the cultures, cuisines and lifestyles that makes America such a diverse nation. In close proximity to many other great American cities like Boston, New York should not be missed on any backpacking trip.

Los Angeles is the movie capital of the world with beautiful beaches and stunning people seeking their 15 minutes of fame. You can backpack through Hollywood and hopefully rub shoulders with the rich and famous as you soak up the sun and get caught up in the glitz and glamour.

Florida is an amazing tropical city with a strong Latin American influence. Sun, sand and sizzling food, Florida has a blend of American culture and Latin American charm. Backpacking through Florida, you may want to stop off at Orlando and visit the Magic Kingdom theme park of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Saftety and Medical Advice

America is as safe as one can expect of such a large country provided that you do not wander into questionable areas. Visitors to America often have security concerns relating to terrorism but this should not discourage you from experiencing this amazing country. The common sense and street wits of any avid backpacker will ensure that you enjoy a safe backpacking trip. There are no special vaccination requirements for visitors but this can change with short notice.

Backpacking in America, you will discover a land that has assimilated world cultures to brew a lifestyle that can only be termed as 100% American.